Celebrities and Their Famous Children At The Same Age

Ever wondered how close celebrities and their famous children really are? See pictures of them at the exact same age and you’ll find out for yourself…

John Travolta and Ella Travolta – Age 19

Life Exact

Sadly, famed actor John Travolta lost his wife of over two decades, actress Kelly Preston, in 2020. Thankfully for both Travolta and fans, Preston’s memory lives on in their three children. Most notably, daughter Ella Bleu Travolta, who looks like a perfect mix of both parents, decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps!

Ella started her career back in 2009, starring in the Disney remake of its own Old Dogs, alongside her famous father, no less! Still, it took until the 2019 film The Poison Rose for Ella to start earning lead roles. Now that she has, however, she’s not looking back! Who knows what will come next?

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