The Richest Sports Figures From Around The World

The richest athletes in the world are more like us than you thought: see the wealthiest sports stars and their favorite foods. You might even share a few!

Maria Sharapova – $195 Million Net Worth

HEAD Tennis Racquets/Twitter

There are few female tennis players who have managed to achieve more than Russian star Maria Sharapova. But, when you discover she started training at only six-years-old, it all makes sense! Now, Sharapova’s the only Russian to earn a Grand Tournament Slam in tennis, winning the title five times, and has also achieved the silver medal in the Olympics. These days, the tennis star has retired and, like many female athletes, started a very successful modeling and endorsement career. Now, she enjoys a net worth of $195 million!

Even today, more than a year after her retirement, Sharapova remains the third highest-earning female tennis player of all time, behind the Williams sisters. That’s quite the accomplishment to hold on to!

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