Famous Parents Alongside Their Celebrity Children

From Clint Eastwood and Lenny Kravitz to the famous Jackson family and many more, see the most famous parents and their celebrity children!

Maya Rudolph – Minnie Riperton

Celebrity Children

SNL, Motown

Maya Rudolph became a household name on Saturday Night Life, thanks to her remarkable talent and impressions of stars like Oprah and Beyoncé. However, Rudolph also paid tribute to her famous mother, Minnie Riperton, on the show when she came back to host with a special photo shoot. In case you don’t know, Riperton is most famously known for her hit single “Lovin’ You.” Unfortunately, Rudolph lost her mother to aggressive breast cancer.

“When I was a little girl, I would stand on the side of the stage and watch my mom singing out there in beautiful gowns,” Rudolph said. “She was a diva in the most exquisite sense. Those are very vivid memories for me. I always had the idea of wanting to be on a stage, in these beautiful gowns, with a microphone in my hand, and that comes from my mom.”

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